GYST features Michelle’s Success Story

GYST features Michelle’s Success Story

“For most things in life, it’s never too late. For estate planning, it’s never too soon.” Michelle, Seattle, WA

Over 15 years ago, Michelle’s boyfriend (now husband) lost his mother to cancer.
Her husband had a power of attorney for his mom, but still encountered problems and a moral dilemma without a will to instruct how to divide her estate—so Michelle knew how important an estate plan can be. Still, like many of us, she kept putting it off, one year at a time. Her biggest perceived barriers included: time, money, hiring an attorney, and the bewildering amount of information online.

Getting it together

When Michelle heard our founder’s and others’ stories on NPR, she decided to do something. She made out her entire estate plan with GYST. “The ability to use a simple tool to walk me through the steps was the biggest and most catalyzing moment,” she says, “I had gotten as far as doing power of attorney documents downloaded earlier but I couldn’t get my head around a will. The web version was super helpful.”

The impact

Now that Michelle has gotten it together, she feels like a giant load has been lifted off her shoulders. That’s what doing an estate plan does. Since then, her husband and other family members have also gone through the process.

Her advice

“The point of taking care of our things while we are alive is to ensure we are simplifying the lives, and bereavement process, for those we leave behind.”


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