GYST Features Stephanie’s Story


Writing out a will and living will had been on Stephanie’s to-do list for about 10 years. She had even gone so far as to contact a lawyer, but found herself so emotionally overwhelmed by the issues it raised that she couldn’t meet her lawyer’s timeframe.

Getting it together

When Stephanie’s brother had a baby, she started thinking that she needed to do something. The time was right, and when she started working with GYST, she realized how doable it was. Moving task by task, she soon had her very own living will in hand.

“I feel a greater sense of freedom.”

The impact

“I am no longer with that nagging voice that says ‘you need to do x, and aren’t doing it.”. She also feels that her life is more aligned with what she values in relationships. The worry that she’ll burden her family is gone.

Her advice?

“Don’t delay. Do this,” she says. “Sure, it may bring up fears and it may have you facing some deep issues. Yet, it is one of the best investments you can make in finding more joy and peace in your life, and it is a great gift you are giving to loved ones who don’t have to then worry when it comes to wondering what your wishes may have been.”

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