GYST Shares Dustin’s Story

Dustin Photo

Having a spouse working in Healthcare, things like Living Wills, Durable Power of Attorney and Long-Term Insurance were always there on Dustin’s “To-Do’s” list. But, thinking of the time it would take to shop for insurance policies, getting documents notarized and dealing with digital accounts and passwords – it was easy to put off.

“Getting documents notarized, shopping for insurance all felt like one hot mess.”

Getting it Together

When Dustin and his wife gave birth to their son, he started to read the guides that were part of the GYST Checklist and soon realized most of the work had already been done for him.

The Impact

“GYST hits the nail on the head. Just going through the checklist helped me to realize anyone can do it. Now, I feel more confident as an adult knowing that I’ve got my shit together.”

His Advice?

“Just go through the checklist, having all the heavy-lifting is done for you. Anyone can work through it including the miscellaneous stuff like solutions for passwords and other digital details.”

“In all, it took me about three weeks to get my shit together but, compared to the years I’d been agonizing about getting this stuff done, it’s a ridiculously short amount of time – my only of advice would be to send people donuts.”


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