GYST Shares Jim’s Story

Jim Peschel

Adjustments in Jim’s personal life necessitated that he make changes to the beneficiaries that were previously part of his estate plan. And while the whole notion of starting-up the process felt overwhelming, Jim kept on reading the emails from GYST encouraging him along.

Getting it together 

Jim spread the word about GYST to many friends and colleagues he knew but, was surprised to learn how many of those he spoke to had overlooked their own estate planning needs.

“I spread the news about this every chance I got like it was gospel but, as great and important a program as GYST is I was blown away at how few people actually had done anything.”

The impact

One night Jim just had enough.  He knew the templates and information was available on GYST to get it all done in one sitting.  Jim simply needed to invest the time reading the Guides so he could feel confident making informed choices about his own end-of-life wishes.

His advice? 

“One night is all it takes to get it done. Set a date, hold yourself accountable to getting it done and let the content roll you through the process. ”

Closing section

Tell us your story. Email us! We’d love to hear from you.

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