7 must-do to-dos for National Healthcare Decisions day on April 16

7 must-do to-dos for National Healthcare Decisions day on April 16

The most important thing you can do for National Healthcare Decisions Day is complete your living will. Here’s all the must-have information to get it done.

First on your listRead our review of 5 online options from free to $50 to find the right one for you.Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 10.39.30 AM


2. Get the basics in 3 minutes and watch a Living Will 101 video by GYST Co-founder Chanel Reynolds or read the GYST Guide to Living Wills article.


3. Prepare to have the conversation with the important people in your life, there’s some excellent advice in The Conversation Project’s Starter Kit and this wonderful video by the end-of-life and overall badass Ellen Goodman.


4. Invite the conversation, in fact, why not Have Dinner and Talk about Death. Michael Hebb and his brilliant team have made it easy, and lovely, to organize.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 10.46.06 AM


5. Have a think about the growing Death Positive movement. Yes, it’s a thing. Incredible trailblazers, artists, doctors and advocates are working passionately to make end-of-life (also called Death) better for you and all of us. Here’s just the tip of the iceberg:

Caitlin Doughty: If you don’t already know, she’s the NYTimes Bestselling Author of Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, Funeral Director and Founder of The Order of the Good Death.


Atul Gawande: Read Being Mortal, it was a game-changer for me (get tissues).


Laura van Dernoot Lipsky: Founder of the Trauma Stewardship Institute and essentially, at some point in your life, you’ll really need what she’s got.


Megan Devine: Founder of Refuge in Grief and author of the most helpful article I’ve ever read – How to Help a Grieving Friend: 11 Things to Do When You’re Not Sure What to Do.


And lastly: Sharing is Caring. So please spread the love. Ask, tell, show and share with your friends and don’t forget to add #NHDD


Written by Chanel Reynolds, Co-Founder of GYST and Founder of getyourshittogether.org.

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