Raking leaves (and finding ways to rebalance our lives)

Raking leaves (and finding ways to rebalance our lives)

Uncertainty and times of big change don’t always bring out the best in us, but they do show us where our weak and vulnerable spots are.  This last week showed all of us that we need to get our lives together in ways we never realized and I felt compelled to share my weak spot with you today.

For me, weekends are a time to reconnect with family, enjoy outings with friends, and find ways to rebalance.  But, this past weekend I couldn’t do it.  The rebalancing part I mean.

Raking-up the last brown leaves of the season from the shrubs in our front yard on Sunday, I tried to make sense of last Tuesday wondering what big thinkers like Nate Silver must be doing to help us all understand why Trump had a better chance.

Silly really.  To think I could rebalance my life by reading articles about voter turnout any more than predictions about the outcome of next year’s NBA finals.  

I put down my rake, sat and called my siblings. “How are you feeling about the results of this election?” I said.  We had a brief laugh over all at we don’t control in our lives.  And I listened to them share their hopes and concerns about the future direction of our country.  Then we returned to the latest developments concerning the plan to help our widowed father age in place with the dignity he deserves (and finding ways to accommodate the odd choices he’s making that we struggle to understand as his kin).

For me, talking with my siblings and others this weekend about the strategies they are using to find order in their own lives helped me to start the week energized to rebalance things about my own life.

And the dozens of articles I read this weekend helped me see how people from all over the country are using sites like GYST to inspire and act on the big, important conversations. Planning and completing documents that take the fear and worry out of end of life planning is something each of us must do, if you cast a ballot or not, whether you have days or decades before you need them.

Tuesday night changed us all. We now know how little experts understand about what’s exactly on all voter’s minds in this country and how complicated a science polling is to understand, let alone accurately predict.  But, perhaps more importantly in the days following last Tuesday’s election, my conversations with family and friends this weekend about the struggles in their own busy lives, helped me to see that in a way we still have much in common.  

We know it can be hard to turn good intentions into action around end of life. The ongoing struggle we all face is a universal truth and it’s important to act.

Our team has big aspirations for GYST in 2017, I am committed to experiment with strategies that help our users find uniquely meaningful ways to tackle their end of life plans.

Please take two (2) minutes to answer a few questions that help us know how we can help you.


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