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Inspirational Videos to appreciate life

Inspirational Videos to appreciate life

Inspirational Videos to appreciate life.

There are some talks you find yourself always going back to – when things feel amazingly up or especially down, when the mood strikes, on that anniversary – here are our favorites (get tissues):

  1. Steve Jobs’ infamous 2005 Stanford Commencement Address just dripping with memorable quotes. “We all die…and that is how it should be.  Death is the very best single invention of life.” 

“You are already naked, there is no reason not to follow your heart.”

2. Frontline’s “Being Mortal” with Atul Gawande: one of the most respected doctors and authors on aging and dying teams up with the documentary powerhouse to create a thoughtful and inspiring peek into our future.

“Hope is not a plan.”

3. Denali. A photographer’s tribute to friendship. “There’s no easy way to say goodbye to a friend, especially when they’ve supported you through your darkest times.”

Denali from FELT SOUL MEDIA on Vimeo.


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